Updating a mysql database

However, you can create a Read Replica that has a different storage type from the source DB instance based on the options listed in the following table. You cannot configure a DB instance to serve as a replication source for an existing DB instance; you can only create a new Read Replica from an existing DB instance.

For My SQL, Maria DB, and Postgre SQL Read Replicas, you can monitor replication lag in Amazon Cloud Watch by viewing the Amazon RDS .

Database tables may vary based on different Magento versions. A more convenient way of transferring the below database tables is by doing it in PHPmy Admin, where you can simply export the tables to a SQL file by choosing them in the Export page of the production sites database and importing them into the target Magento installs database.

You can also enable the statement Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT statement in the Export options to avoid manually dropping those tables in the target database.

Then, Amazon RDS takes a snapshot of the source instance and creates a read-only instance from the snapshot.

Amazon RDS then uses the asynchronous replication method for the DB engine to update the Read Replica whenever there is a change to the source DB instance.

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