Sedating kids for dental procedures

But, then again he doesn't remember it and we are all better for it.We stopped this because the dentist felt at 4 times a year, it really wasn't a viable option for us.So the options are strapping him down without sedation which seems cruel or general anesthesia which scares me immensely! Thank you I have a special needs son and we have done both.Although we live in the East Bay, we went to UCSF for his dental care because of the sedation - the cost was split between medical ins for the use of the hospital and staff; and dental ins for the dental services.With these sedation options, we now have the opportunity to present them to you, and we will be able to discuss our recommendations and answer any questions you have about these different modalities.Our main goals are to protect both the physical and oral health of your child, as well as the emotional component your child perceives towards the dentist into their adulthood.Keeping a patient calm and relaxed is our top priority when we provide dental care.We do not use any physical restraints to complete any dental procedures (unless certain emergencies require), as we believe that by doing so, it will only create a further phobia for the child towards the dentist.

In order to provide this type of sedation, we bring in an anesthesiologist who can properly administer the medication through an intravenous line, which will place your child into a very comfortable sleep.

Many parents have the misnomer that as long as they are breathing the nitrous oxide in, that their child can calm down no matter the level of anxiety.

If this is the case, the child will become more agitated and will not allow for comfortable completion of dental treatment.

My dentist has suggested a temporary filler that releases flouride and brushing religiously.

I brush 10 times a day and it's not helping and he isn't ready to cut back on nursing.

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