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A Nigerian student, who was attending college at San Luis Obispo, California, attended a Mormon meeting and encountered their racial teachings. Do you fear the destruction of all vestiges of state government? On December 5, 1955, the famous boycott was started. King on the road to become America's crusader and most famous civil rights leader (Long Island University web site, The day after his April 3, 1968, speech, "I've Been to the Mountain Top," in Memphis, Tennessee, he was shot while standing on the balcony of his hotel. He added that "a prerequisite for appointment to high government office today is one's past affiliations with communist fronts or one's ability to follow the communist line." Benson's address to BYU students also quoted three times from the Birch Society's official magazine, including references to "black Marxists" and "the Communists and their Black Power fanatics" ("Ezra Taft Benson and Mormon Political Conflicts," by D. Day, the Utah State Legislature continues to open its session on this day each year. His full name was Malcolm Little, born in 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His records show that as early as 1906 someone had performed his baptism. as far as we know there is not a single negro family residing in the entire county in which BYU is located and this we are told by Negroes is an important factor in the decision black students make in not coming to BYU" ( on January 7, 1970: In an open letter to the presidents of Stanford and Brigham Young universities, Obert C. In a comment directed toward the Brigham Young University president, he said "You should not say there is no discrimination at BYU. Brown tried to get the priesthood ban lifted in 1969: First Counselor Hugh B. Quinn discussed the aftermath to this 1969 statement: Brown did not accept gracefully the defeat of his effort to reverse the church's ban against African Americans. Sometimes there are calls—‘Look out, we're going to get you'—and other threats. Police broke up several fights after the game, some in the stands, and some outside the gymnasium . This required official time-outs, during which attendants were out to clean up the mess. "In the past we felt we should discourage the Negroes because we felt they would not be happy in the social situation here. We are only 35 minutes from Salt Lake City where there is a Negro community, and we are setting up appointments and introductions there. "We felt we could work out something to relieve a little of the pressure. Coach Hudspeth indicated that "a lot of people are mad at me right now because they feel we are giving in. We are trying to show the other universities that we want to cooperate with them" ( the liquid was said to have been kerosene by those clearing the hardwoods.

He later wrote an article for the condemning the Mormon Church: The student invited me to their prayer meeting the following Sunday . Now, brethren, the Lord never promised there would not be traitors in the Church. in Systematic Theology from Boston University on June 5, 1955, and later that year he led the boycott on the Montgomery bus system: Mrs. As a means of protest the Montgomery Improvement Association was organized, December 4, 1955. Shortly after his murder several people began lobbying to get a nationally recognized holiday named in his honor. president Lyndon Johnson's designation of 7 April as a national day of mourning for Reverend King, Apostle Benson immediately prepared a statement for distribution which complained that "the Communists will use Mr. in his talk to BYU's devotional in May 1968 Benson accused the U. Writing for the Utah State University paper, , Denise Albiston observed: The Utah Legislature does not observe Human Rights Day, a day in Utah that is meant to replace Martin Luther King Jr. "It speaks poorly of the Utah Legislature not to recognize this holiday in any form. His temple endowment was performed on January 25, 1992. Proxy baptism was again performed in 1988, 1991, three times in 1992, three times in 1993, and three times in 1994. "Their decisions may have been based on their belief that their social life would be curtailed . Tanner, professor of philosophy at the University of Utah, criticized both university administrations . There is, and especially so, since it would attempt to identify God with this discrimination." First Presidency Statement In the midst of all the demonstrations against the LDS Church, some leaders felt the church needed to change its policy on blacks. Brown had been on record for six years as favoring an end to this ban. "Revelation assures us that this plan antedates man's mortal existence, extending back to man's preexistent state." President Mc Kay has also said, "Sometime in God's eternal plan, the Negro will be given the right to hold the priesthood" (, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, February 1970, p. As President Mc Kay was incapacitated due to ill health (he died the next month), the statement was only signed by his two counselors, Hugh B. Less than a week after he had reluctantly signed Lee's statement, Brown told a San Francisco newspaper reporter that the church's priesthood ban against blacks "will change in the not too distant future." Known for "his fiery temper," Lee privately exploded on 27 December, saying that Brown had been "talking too much.". And there's always tension in the stands." "The thing that worries me and the boys" said Watts . The Cougars, primary objects of the protest, had no better of a time on the basketball floor against the Rams, as they missed almost everything they threw at the hoop ( reported another demonstration against BYU in California: SAN LUIS OBISPO (UPI) — Fifty to 75 demonstrators marched outside a wrestling match between Brigham Young University and Cal Poly Saturday night in protest of the alleged racial policies of the Mormon Church. we welcome black athletes at BYU provided they satisfy our entrance requirements and are willing to abide by our standards" (, Brigham Young University, December 15, 1969). We have certain rules and regulations which we won't change. "If this doesn't work out, we won't have to hang our heads; it wasn't meant to be" he declared . This is the only way we have changed our policy," he said . It must have been something fairly strong—it took the sealcoat off the boards and left ugly marks 30 feet long and 10 or 12 feet wide (, March 1, 1970). Wallace find it strange that there were so many policemen on the surveillance crew watching him at a.m. had been on duty for 16 straight hours, Chief Willoughby said" (, April 15, 1977).

Summary of LDS Teaching on Blacks Prior to 1978 the LDS teaching concerning blacks could be summarized as follows: In the "pre-existence" certain spirits "lent an influence to the devil" and displayed a "lack of integrity to righteousness." Because of their "unfaithfulness in the spirit world," they were "cursed under the cursing of Cain" and cannot "hold the Priesthood of God." Cain became "the father of an inferior race." The unfaithful spirit children were assigned to be born through "the accursed lineage of Canaan" and "through the loins of Ham." Those cursed are "marked" with a "flat nose" and a "black covering" which is "emblematical of eternal darkness." They are a "vile" and "inferior" race and "their intelligence stunted." In fact, they are a "representation" of the "devil" upon the earth. An innocent question popped out: "Why have you no mission anywhere in Africa except in South Africa? Since there were already thousands of Nigerians interested in joining the LDS Church, the ban on missionaries created a leadership vacuum. Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a lay priesthood to which almost every adult male member belongs, the effect has been to limit Negroes to second-class membership. Brown, one of the two counselors serving President David O. We would like it to be known that there is in this Church no doctrine, belief, or practice that is intended to deny the enjoyment of full civil rights by any person regardless of race, color, or creed." Church observers generally agree that this statement was made because the NAACP had threatened to picket Temple Square. With to play in the first half, nine Negroes, some of them wearing black wristbands, walked out on the basketball floor while the game was in progress.

They are "not equal with other races where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned," and they are "not entitled to the full blessings of the gospel." They are "denied the priesthood," and they cannot be married in the temple. An article in discussed the issue: Pending a new revelation, possible at any time, Mormons are committed to a certain degree of built-in segregation: Negroes cannot be admitted to the church's priesthood. Mc Kay in the First Presidency of the Mormon Church. "The pending 'civil rights' legislation is, I am convinced, about 10 per cent civil rights and 90 per cent , December 14, 1963). it is claimed that the failure of the 35th session of the Utah Legislature to pass any Civil Rights legislation was due to hidden and behind the scenes opposition from the Mormon Church. The statement, a concession that prevented such action, continued by affirming equal opportunities in housing, education, and employment while still maintaining the right of the church to deny priesthood. lost to Arizona, 90-77, in a game marred by racial protest . As the Negroes filed onto the court, play stopped and BYU Coach Stan Watts pulled his team from the floor. Other student demonstrators broke a window and screamed, "Stop the Game" but that was the extent of the protest (, January 9, 1970).

If a white person marries a black, it requires "death on the spot." But, "in spite" of all they "did in the pre-existence," they can be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. But the evening got ruined when my curiosity again started wandering away. For this reason, Mormon missionaries have never tried very hard to make converts in black Africa. Fascinated by the dramatic life of the Mormon prophet, Anie Dick Obot of Uyo decided to form a branch of the church in Nigeria, and wrote for more information to Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City. One problem now is that in the absence of supervision from Utah the Nigerian Mormons practice polygamy—forbidden in the U. church since 1890—and the converts already seem to have established their own black hierarchy, priests and all ( for June 7, 1963, Wallace Turner stated that the LDS Church leaders were seriously considering the consequences of making a change: SALT LAKE CITY, June 3—The top leadership of the Mormon church is seriously considering the abandonment of its historic policy of discrimination against Negroes. "Believing as we do in divine revelation through the President of the church, we all await his decision," Mr. Fritz, NAACP branch president, said at a civil rights meeting Friday night that his organization promised not to picket the 133rd Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church on Temple Square. Brown stated in the LDS Church Conference: We believe that all men are the children of the same God and that it is a moral evil for any person or group of persons to deny any human being the right to gainful employment, to full educational opportunity, and to every privilege of citizenship (as quoted in reported: LOGAN, UTAH—Former agriculture secretary Ezra Taft Benson charged Friday night that the civil right's movement in the South had been "fomented almost entirely by the Communists." Elder Benson, a member of the Council of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said in a speech at a public meeting here that the whole civil rights movement was "phony." . In a 1966 thesis for the University of Utah, David L. Oliver, a black attorney in Utah, stated: By reason of their numerical strength the Mormons elect most of the public officials, through the entire state, and here is where conflict begins. Just a few weeks after this statement was issued, Joseph Fielding Smith, the son of Joseph F. The blacks were on the court for only a few minutes, however, when police and security officers ushered them away . Coach Stan Watts was deeply disturbed by the trouble his team encountered.

After all the rest of God's children have had an opportunity to receive the priesthood "then it will be time enough to remove the curse from Cain and his posterity." : The Mormons are vigorous proselyters, maintaining missions all over the world, except in the Negro nations in Africa. Yet Mormons also believe that Negroes may be admitted to the priesthood in heaven. Mormon leaders sent back books explaining their laws and doctrines, and in 1959 dispatched to Africa Elder Lamar Williams, who was much impressed by the Nigerian's zeal and orthodoxy. He added, however, that the NAACP will picket Temple Square, next Saturday if the Church does not present an "acceptable" statement on civil rights before that day (, Oct. Brewer made this comment: As events in the modern world have brought greater awareness of the disprivilege often associated with non-Caucasian status, the Utah situation has become significant for two reasons: (1) Before 1964, the year this study began, Utah was the only "Northern" state without civil rights legislation. In most instances these elected public officials, conscious of the spirit concealed behind the walls of the Temple, adhere strictly to the doctrines of their church in the performance of their public duty and thereby refuse to employ or appoint any Negroes in any position of authority or trust. Smith and later church president, told magazine, "‘Darkies' are wonderful people and they have their place in our church." The next year he stated that "the Lord" established priesthood denial. Coupled with national pressure came growing dissent from within the church. Hack Miller reported: Anyone who thinks that BYU players, being protested against, have no feelings in the fuss are a bit tilted in their thinking, Watts contends. "One wonders, as we walked into the place, if the building would burn down, or be dynamited." Of course there is concern—on both sides ( carried these statements: TUCSON, ARIZ. ( SEATTLE (AP) — A garbage-throwing demonstration by about 20 blacks, protesting what one of them said was "racism" practiced by Brigham Young University, delayed the start of the gymnastics meet between Washington and BYU here Saturday afternoon. After tipping over chalk trays, throwing chairs onto the mat and throwing a pail of water into Hughs' face, the demonstrators departed ( for February 4, 1970, carried this article: LARAMIE, WYO. A spokesman for the BSA said: "This rally is necessary in view of the reaffirmation of the racist policies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." On February 6, 1970, the reported that at Fort Collins, Colorado, the BYU team met with a violent demonstration: FORT COLLINS, COLO. The protest of BYU by the blacks was expected to be peaceful, but it quickly turned into something much more as black students scuffled with Colorado State University police before the game began and after it was over.

The odious part of this doctrine is that it serves to rationalize all other forms of temporal discrimination. —and could not possibly make desirable neighbors, business associates, or sons-in-law. The statement by one of the Mormon leaders about a "cautious and guarded approach" to proselyting actively among Negroes, in Nigeria should make Nigerians "cautious and guarded" too. The Mormons could by trickery establish a church in Nigeria and use this as massive propaganda for propagating and spreading their religion of race hate and race superiority and discrimination in America. Smith started his religion with his wife and relations-in-laws barely 100 years ago. One of the highest officers of the church said today that the possibility of removing this religious disability against Negroes has been under serious consideration. Embry wrote: In 1963 the First Presidency tried with limited success to separate priesthood exclusion from the Civil Rights movement.

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Later, in an interview with the stake president we were told the same thing: if you express doubts about the divinity of this "doctrine" you cannot go to the temple (: The tragedy of this denial of the LDS priesthood is not that it is unfair to the handful of Negroes actually in the LDS Church. People who have been taught since childhood that Negroes are "cursed by God" and therefore cannot hold the priesthood, probably find it perfectly natural to conclude that Negroes must be inferior—why else would God curse them? "It is our article of faith that the Negro was cursed by God and this makes him unworthy to hold the office of a priest or elder in our Church." UNGODLY RACE SUPERIORITY I can't tell you here now how long we talked. In the end he lent me one of the most important books of their religion— [by John J. I did not eat or sleep until I finished reading the book. When he asked me what I thought of the book I told him it was fatuous. I do not believe in a God whose adherents preach the superiority of one race over the other. The BIG Question is: why should the Mormons leave proselytizing among the Negroes in America and decided to go to Nigeria?Twentieth Century Attitudes While Elijah Abel, along with at least one other black, had been ordained to the priesthood during Joseph Smith's life, Brigham Young took a different stand. by 1908, as president of the church, [Joseph F.] Smith was now claiming that Abel's ordination (and presumably that of any other black) had been "declared null and void by the Prophet himself" . The first development was the formal canonization of the , . To hold any church office, a Mormon must be a member of the priesthood. When one hears the Tabernacle Choir, one forgets that no Negro could ever hope to achieve a place in that group.He instituted a very strict rule that no blacks were to be ordained or given temple ordinances. There is an even deeper disability for Negro Mormons. When one listens to the gentle voice and kindly expressions of David O.The gospel message of salvation is not carried affirmatively to them . The membership ranks are being filled with those whose religious commitment is to the maintenance of a racist society and who find Mormon theology a sanctimonious front for their convictions (, Sept. "Throughout the history of the original Christian church, the Negro never held the priesthood. It's a law of God" (: In all humility I must say that God has not inspired me to feel good about the Church's practices regarding Negroes.In fact, I have come to feel very strongly that the practices are not right and that they are a powerful hindrance to the accepting of the gospel by the Negro people.

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