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Part two lets Akerman's films speak for her, taking clips from her extensive filmography including forays into experimental film, comedic shorts, musicals, narrative features -- including an early short that stars a very young Chantal. Examines the pain and practicalities of independent filmmaking, how these filmmakers view their work and their place in the world, and how their ideas and thematics give meaning to the term, new cinema. Featuring: Wim Wenders, Robert Young, Robert Frank, Les Blank, Mary Ellen Bute, Charlie Ahearn, Chantal Akerman, Michael Snow, Johan van der Keuken, Werner Schroeter, Paul Morrissey, Curt Mc Dowell, Ron Mann. DVD X6338 Directed by Allison Anders, Dean Lent, Kurt Voss.

Cast: Chris D., Luanna Anders, Chris Shearer, John Doe. of the Flesh Eaters) steals money from a man named Skelley who sends three hip thugs to collect.

J'ai faim, j'ai froid (I'm hungry, I'm cold): Two young Belgian girls run away from their home in Brussels. DVD X2624; also DVD 8267; vhs 90 Shorter works directed by Chantal Akerman.

Special features: Entretien avec Babette Mangolte (2007; 31 min. Saute ma ville: A young woman comes home to her apartment in Brussels, where she cooks pasta and seals herself in with duct tape. They spend a day and an evening in Paris looking for food and love, with comic and poignant results. Cast: Véronique Alain, Natalia Akerman, Paul Allio, Jacques Bauduin, Nicole Colchat.

Hôtel Monterey: A stark, silent look at a New York pension hotel. Following over two dozen different people in the almost wordless atmosphere of a dark night in a Brussels town, Akerman examines acception and rejection in the realm of romance as characters meet and embrace, dance and split up, yank each other into cabs, or simply watch everyone else in the throes of passion. Video/C 970 Through images and interviews with Mexicans and American law enforcement officers, this film examines the plight of poor Mexicans who try to emigrate to the United States illegally in hope of a better life. Video/C 9303 Special feature: Entretien avec Chantal Akerman (1966; 17 min. Cast: Rachel Amodeo ; Richard Edson ; Richard Hell ; Nick Zedd.

On the surface, Chris and Gitti appear blissfully in love while enjoying the sun and sand of Sardinia.

But as they spend more time together, their silly games and playful teasing begin to unmask hidden fears and desires. Bursting with idealism, Melanie Proschle, a young teacher from the countryside, starts her first job at a high school in the city; however, things don't go quite as she planned.

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