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He added that no arrest has been made at this point and the report will be referred to the local police force.It's the 12th report received through the Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Command's Operation Kaguyak investigation.

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reported Weinstein hired an "army of spies" to dig up information on potential vocal accusers and journalists investigating stories on his alleged decades of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.The sex scene includes a moment in which Margot sees Robert's "belly thick and soft and covered with hair" and "recoil[s]".Some critics have argued it's a normalisation of what body types are considered beautiful.The guy is Robert, about whom we learn little, other than that he has a beard, is older than her, and has two cats.The story unfolds from Margot's perspective — we get her interior monologue, in detail, as she initially chats via text message, and tries to imagine his thoughts and impressions of her.

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