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Certains épisodes sont aussi édités à l'unité en DVD à bas prix incluant des cartes de jeu, également vendus en coffrets de huit de ces DVD ne contenant qu'un épisode chacun, produits par la compagnie Media Factory.

There are two versions of the game, Shine and Dark, which was released in Europe as Light and Shadow.

Soccer in Japan is now controlled by an organization called Fifth Sector and is led by the one known as the "Holy Emperor" Ishido Shuuji.

Soccer in its current state is controlled and relies on the commands of the Holy Emperor on whether a team wins or loses based on set scores.

Eventually he does become calmer, as shown when he stopped Isosaki, captain of Bannousaka team from trying to break Tenma Matsukaze's legs. His techniques are Death Sword (Doomsword Slash) and Death Drop (Doom Dive Drive).

He has an keshin named Kensei Lancelot (Heroic Swordsman Lancelot and his keshin shot is Lost Angel (Lancelot Lunge). Takuto Shindō is a Midfielder, called Riccardo Di Rigo in the dub.

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