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These love stories in miniature are romantic roller coasters: Boy meets girl. Girl has an old boyfriend who's still in the picture. She believes in the power of romance and chivalry and all that jazz. Here are 30 date movies that—in addition to not sucking—should get you laid.It turned out she was fine, and she had made the whole thing up to get me to come over.I was confused, outraged, drunk and desperate to shag something, so I did begrudgingly go back with her.Two years later my girlfriend and I broke up — and she was the first person I called.

As I was giving him head, I got really into it and a bit ahead of myself. The girl I was dating had just come out of a relationship because her ex had tried to kill her — by strangling her.This, again, was kind of fine but then he started calling me a “silly little cunt” and genuinely used the phrase “you’re so dirty, if I was an EDL skin-head you would still want this”.Afterwards he got out his guitar and sang me a song he’d written. It’s a bit of a running joke I always get asked for anal, and I dated a guy who wasn’t shy about how much he wanted to do it. It was just a one night stand, and I thought he was just trying his luck and suggested it.He pinned me onto the floor and held down the arm that was holding my phone (it was fine, because a) he was super hot and b) we both knew I was joking about wanting to leave).Things progressed and while we were at it we got pretty rough, he was gradually getting more and more aggressive to the point where he was all out hitting me.

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