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This chapter is enacted for the following purposes: to promote and protect the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the inhabitants, both residential and commercial, of the Borough of Glenolden by abating overcrowded housing conditions; securing adequate lighting, heating, ventilation, access and egress; and preventing or correcting unhygienic, unsanitary or unsafe conditions and other nuisances which might constitute a menace to residents of the Borough of Glenolden.

In interpreting and applying the provisions of this chapter, said provisions shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, morals and general welfare.

Hedges, briars or any other growth planted for or intended to be used for ornamental purposes, after the same have lost their ornamental or useful purposes by reason of having been unkempt or untrimmed, shall be ordered cut and removed by the Housing Officer. All accessory structures, including detached garages, toolsheds, storage sheds, fences or any other appurtenances to the main building, shall be maintained at all times in a neat manner, in good repair and shall be effectively structurally sound. No person shall keep or maintain on public or private property any motor vehicle that is inoperable, that does not have a current license tag or current inspection sticker and that has been left unattended for a period of 96 hours.

Such vehicle shall be classed as "junked" and shall be removed in accordance with the provisions as hereinafter provided; except that antique cars shall be identified by an antique license plate as issued by the State of Pennsylvania and that automobiles in the process of being reconstructed for purposes of qualifying as antiques shall be registered with the Housing Officer and the Police Department of the Borough of Glenolden.

Stove heating and flame units shall be at least six inches from any facing wall. Every dwelling unit shall contain one or more rooms which afford privacy to a person and which are supplied with a flush toilet, a lavatory basin and a bathtub or shower, all of these facilities in good working condition and properly installed in conformity with the Plumbing Code of the Borough of Glenolden. Every kitchen sink, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower required by this chapter shall be properly connected in conformity with the Plumbing Code of the Borough of Glenolden and supplied with both hot and cold water.

The hot-water lines shall be connected to water-heating facilities which are capable of heating and supplying continuous hot water at a minimum temperature of 120° F.

even when the heating facilities required by this chapter are not in operation.

Heating facilities, Every multiple dwelling shall be supplied with properly installed heating facilities which are capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms and bathrooms within its walls to a temperature of at least 68° F.

In public or multiple dwellings, every stairwell and every flight of stairs which is more than three risers high shall have handrails or railings.

In no case shall extension cords be used outdoors unless specifically rated for exterior use. Every habitable room or bathroom shall have at least one window or skylight facing directly to the outdoors.

The minimum aggregate area available for unobstructed light shall not be less than 10% of the floor area of such room. Every stair, hall, cellar, basement, laundry, furnace room and similar nonhabitable work space located in a structure used for rental for human habitation shall have adequate light capable of providing at all times not less than 50 footcandles of light at floor level.

Every two-bedroom new or converted dwelling unit shall contain at least 650 square feet of total space, excluding stairways.

Every one-bedroom new or converted dwelling unit shall contain at least 500 square feet of total space, excluding stairways.

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