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That year, some random dudes had showed up wearing nothing but socks.

At an after-party, I ended up making out with one of these guys in a bathroom.

Cue a trip to the well-lit sitting room at 2 in the morning, half naked and tangled in the long drapes. At my first Coming Out Dance, my friends and I all put on our best lingerie and tottered over to the dining hall.

We made out with our classmates, drank from flasks and danced until we were grossly sweaty.

He graciously let me sit in his office for an afternoon and watch him edit, hold meetings handle artwork, etc.

’ but then I thought about the grossness of it and got out of there.

I would basically seize any opportunity I could to hook up with him because I never knew when it would happen again. Anyway, one night an opportunity came in the form of giving him a blow job in the back seat of my car behind a bar we were hanging out at.

But just as he was about to, uh, climax, I heard my friends outside calling my name. I was a film major in college and as my final project before graduation, I directed a short film.

Six years later I cannot believe I showed naked photos of myself to an editor. My freshman year I went to an all-girls college that rhymes with “Mount Holysmoke” before transferring out.

My roommate was a little bit crazy and I had very little privacy.

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