Erin sanders dating 2016

): I knew the run was likely going to be very similar: a half decent first half, and then a terrible second half.

I was actually quite surprised at how long I was able to run decently well for.

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The only positive take home about those final miles was that my range of motion was significantly better than it was in Kona.

The wind was strong, it was starting to heat up, and I had nothing left in my legs.

For the final hour I averaged 254w, and in the end I averaged 292w for the entire bike ride. Here is the file (note: this is a good example of how a bike file should NOT look!

I held the front steady for another couple hundred meters but just didn’t have the speed to bridge the approximately 8-10m gap. I was having a great time though because I was sighting the lead stand up paddle board!!

Up until this race, I didn’t even know it existed!!

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