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But there is almost two weeks of the year left so I may get wild and get a third one in for the year.

Now that that's all said please make relevant snide remarks about how disconnected I am.

However, later on, it is revealed that he was working against them, and only married Alison for his former love, Charlotte, and for her money.

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When she admitted herself at Welby, he injected her with drugs to further deteriorate her mental health.

Later on, he sits with Alison during the hearing to offer his support, while the Liars proceed to tell the judge whether they are still afraid of Charlotte.

When she disappears the next morning after coming home, he tells Alison to call the police.

He fooled Alison and The Liars that he was a man with good intentions and he wanted to marry her.

Archer also faked an almost perfect American accent.

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