Dbml not updating How can i get aunty online with webcam for free

Refer to this thread on MSDN forum for more information: Post.aspx?

Maybe you need also to have a check on whether the directory path you save the application contains some special characters like "#" in it.

Hi Ryan, In your Code-Behind you need to create the control member as well.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.***************************Microsoft Development Environment 'The file could not be loaded into the Web Forms designer.

Now my question is why is this not an issue with controls that inherit Portal Module Control ...

Differences between and a strongly typed datasets Hi, I've generated a xsd file based on a table.

dbml not updating-27dbml not updating-85dbml not updating-24

I have just updated my designer file manually : P Sometimes it helps when I restart Visual Studio.

However, it does not always work and sometimes I have been forced to edit the designer manually.

(I'm hoping for some command buried in the UI somewhere that I've simply missed).

NET 2003, building a web page was very similar to building a plain old form.

Every control gets shifted to the top left, I have to use panels and so on to separate things, and if I have to change something later it's an absolute nightmare.

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