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Also included as an enhanced element was the video for "High".

The album caused many critics to label the band "The UK's answer to the Smashing Pumpkins", Later that year, Feeder started to play various music festivals in the United States, alongside a headline tour with "High" being released to radio stations and charting at #24 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart; it was the follow-up to "Cement" which had charted at #31, also on the same listing.

At their peak of commercial success, Feeder won two Kerrang!

Awards in 20 (Best British Live Act and later Best British Band).

Feeder employed Australian Damon Wilson and former Mexicolas drummer Tim Trotter for sessions and touring commitments for Renegades (2010), and they have since employed drummer Karl Brazil.

Between 2010-2017, the band charted four more top 20 albums, with the latest of these being 2017's The Best of Feeder their second consecutive top 10 album.

They released their fourth album, Comfort in Sound later that year, which touched on themes such as loss and coming to terms with death, while also exploring themes of positivity.

Richardson was ultimately made an official member, remaining so until May 2009 when he returned to a reformed Skunk Anansie.

The result Polythene, was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 1997 with Metal Hammer and Kerrang!

On 20 June 1991, Raindancer were invited to appear on Stage One, a late night television show on ITV Central, showcasing up and coming bands.

The gig was filmed at The Town and Country Club, London without an audience present.

Before that, the band had released the album's first single, "Day In Day Out", in March 1999 which charted at #31 followed by "Insomnia" at #22, resulting in their first appearance on Top of the Pops.

A week before the album's release, the band played the main stage of the Reading and Leeds festivals, while the title track from the album was at #20 in the singles chart. Only one single was lifted from the album after its release, in which a re-recorded version of "Paperfaces" charted at #41.

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