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Film & TV actors are regularly on set for 12-14 hours.

My friends and I have made short sketches together since we were in middle school.

Some jobs pay really, really well and our paychecks can often come in big tranches. We may not always want you to, but we need you to be willing. Optional, but worth huge brownie points: Be a great wing.

As the saying goes, it’s either feast or famine for us. There might be that one time that we couldn’t meet with our coach or find a friend from class to read with us or put us on tape. When we’re out at parties, screenings, plays, or industry/networking events, we’d really love for you to not only be there, but to help make us look good.

What’s worse, there’s no one to remind me to “Fall Backward” or “Spring Forward." I run the risk of being an hour late or early as least twice a year.

It keeps them from having to chant, “I like myself, I’m worth a lot,” in the mirror.

I’ve been on dates with a few actors at different stages in their careers, but the conversation was always the same. That, and themselves, which I guess is the same thing.

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If you are an actor, or Christian Bale, please do not throw cupcakes at us.

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