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(Source: ANN)Charley, a cyborg vampire who does the Vatican's dirty work, is the thrall of the local vampire playboy Johnny Rayflo.As the two fight crime—and each other—hilarity, violence and sacrilege ensue!Will Ewon be able to survive the violent underworld (not to mention the constant sexual harassment) he must endure as an underling of Mookyul?This funny, hip title by Hajin Yoo will thrill and amuse fans with plenty of intense shonen-ai action.However, Seryou takes him seriously, and so begins Shino's seven days with him. Two years ago, he mysteriously lost his memory and developed an alternate personality.His mother constantly berates (and occasionally beats) him, asking what happened to the "real" Ritsuka, and his only defender and friend, his older brother Seimei, was recently killed.

Ritsuka soon gets sucked into a bizzare underground society where teams of people, a "Fighter Unit," and a "Sacrifice," battle using elaborate and beautifully-phrased spells.(Source: Tokyopop)Subaru Sumeragi is a 16-year-old, cheerful and extremely caring Onmyou medium (the head of his family, the Sumeragi clan) who confronts and helps take care of ghosts and spirits with the help of his twin sister, Hokuto, and his gentleman friend, Seishiro.Subaru does his best to help anyone he meets, but the entire atmosphere of the polluted city of Tokyo in the 90s, brings about a feeling of desperation that threatens to drag Subaru's spirit down.But somehow, things start taking a turn towards a completely unexpected direction… When he touches a person or an object, he sees visions.(Source: Echochi)A drugstore that deals in medicine ... With no money and no place to stay, Kazahaya was out of luck until fate brought him to the Green Drug pharmacy.

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