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More The Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup will be launching a new 3D printing project worth about .3 million (88 million kr.) aimed at encouraging small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt additive manufacturing technologies and exploit their benefits.

More After receiving a prosthetic hand to help with his own disability, a young North Carolina boy and his mother started to 3D print their own prosthetic hands for others.

The team created strain gauges that performed better in high temperatures and were more sensitive than previously thought possible, with the help of the aerosol jet 3D printing technique.

More At NYSCC Cosmetic Congress, BASF Care Creations and the Cell Therapy Research Institute CTIBiotech have announced the initial results of their joint research on 3D tissue models for the development and testing of bio-actives for skin care applications.

More To celebrate and promote its new and innovative Flexweave material, sports brand Reebok invited some of the world's top designers to create useful objects from it.

More Singapore-based manufacturer Schaffen Watches is offering customers the opportunity to get their own bespoke watch, at a much lower cost than would usually be expected.

3D printing will be used to create a customized stainless steel rotor for the personalized timepiece, which is made with Swiss precision and quality materials.

More A new technique for creating ceramic dentures has been developed by a Chinese start-up.

More A young swimmer in Barcelona has bounced back from a serious stroke which left his right hand incapacitated due to spasticity.

After a successful collaboration with local graduate students at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the athlete now sports a 3D printed swimming fin, which facilitates strong stroke motions and improved musculature.

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