Are pretty girls intimidating to guys

Men come to Pattaya for sex – the core service that bar girls provide.

In that respect, the girls of Pattaya have been the driving force behind the city’s boom – an attribute they were never given kudos for – and still keep on making the world go round in that little parallel universe that Pattaya resembles for single male tourists. And what should you as a tourist be prepared for (and aware of) when engaging with them?

And well, if it ain’t broke, you wouldn’t fix it, would you? To start with, you need to realize that the vast majority of working girls in Pattaya’s bars and Go Go clubs don’t actually come from Pattaya but hail from Thailand’s rural northeastern region commonly known as Isaan (or Isan, Esarn).

Traditionally, Isaan has always been Thailand’s poorest region, rich in cultural heritage but otherwise an only little developed, hardly industrialized rural region between the border of Laos in the North and East, and the old Khmer empire of Cambodia in the South.

Isn’t the underlying problem that prostitution is deeply ingrained in Thai culture itself and has a lively and much longer tradition in Siam than modern-day mass or “sex” tourism?

Granted, Pattaya today can no longer be reduced to its bustling nightlife and “sex industry” but has managed to attract an ever-increasing number of recreation seekers from all walks of life.

If Disneyland is a virtual world where grown-up men feel like young boys again, yep, “Disneyland” is a suitable description for the teenage-years-revisited experience that Pattaya has on store for adult men who still feel young at heart and like putting their virility to the test.

But to retain the Walt Disney allegory: Always bear in mind that the Scrooge Mc Duck types, in the real world as in Duckburg, are often luckier with girls than the Donald Duck types.

(At least that’s the girls’ version.) Nearly all bar girls you’ll meet in Pattaya – we’d say probably more than 95% – have also given birth to at least one child that has usually been entrusted in their parents’ or grandparents’ care.

As a single male, you probably won’t just easily spot them there but will sooner rather than later get chatted up by one anyway. (“Normal” Thai women that don’t work in the bar industry would as good as never chat up or date foreign guys in Pattaya.

And even if you get to pull one, money or some form of financial compensation is usually still involved or expected in return for granting sexual favours.) Obviously you won’t be required to pay a “bar fine” when inviting a freelancer back to your room.

Other girls again might still have regular jobs in bars, or might not even be working in the sex trade, and simply seek to earn some extra cash after work.

You can pick up freelancer hookers most easily along the Pattaya beach promenade or in one of the notorious late-night bars and dance clubs on Walking Street that are essentially pick-up joints for freelancers, for example, JP Bar on Soi Lucky Star, Insomnia, Marine Disco, Lucifer’s or Tony’s.

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